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    è un espressione del dialetto siciliano,
    significa grazioso, carino, un amor.♥
    n’amuri is a word of the Sicilian dialect, means that something is cute, pretty, very lovely.

    Tutti i disegni sono ideati e realizzati da Alessia Cirino.
    (coperti da copyright).
    Ogni capo è ideato, disegnato e realizzato con cura.
    n’amuri is a brand conceived and designed with care. ♥

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    Sorry, you’re not my type!


    No complementarity.

    Complementarity is achieved by distinct interactions between nucleobases: adenine, thymine (uracil in RNA), guanine and cytosine. Adenine and guanine are purines, while thymine, cytosine and uracil are pyrimidines. Purines are larger than pyrimidines.
    The base complement A=T or U shares two hydrogen bonds, while the base pair G≡C has three hydrogen bonds.

    In molecular biology, complementarity describes a relationship between two structures each following the lock-and-key principle. In nature complementarity is the base principle of DNA replication and transcription as it is a property shared between two DNA or RNA sequences, such that when they are aligned antiparallel to each other, the nucleotide bases at each position in the sequences will be complementary, much like looking in the mirror and seeing the reverse of things.